Javad Safaee said that Pouria Akhwas said: I liked the epic look of the music of “Alemdar” show

Javad Safaee : In a conversation with IRNA’s cultural reporter, Pouria Akhwas, the singer of Alamdar, emphasized:

One of the songs added to this show’s music is performed with the piano and zorkhane beats.

Saying that he likes the feeling of the work, he said: Alamdar is a ritual and religious work and a cultural event with charitable goals.

We have grown up with love and respect for Ahl al-Bayt since childhood. The beautiful pieces written by Mr. Pouria Khadim have an epic form.

This historical event is full of sadness; But I liked his epic look.

He added: As a singer, I have one eye on the sheet of music and one eye on the hands of Berdia Kiares, the conductor of the orchestra.

Everything must be calculated. Because if there is a silence here and there, the coherence of the work will fall apart. Javad Safaee

He added: I don’t consider myself just a singer in this group; Rather, like other members of the orchestra, I am an instrument or musician who performs solo.

People see the singer’s role very strongly and communicate with him more. Therefore, I have to be very careful and everything is in its place. Javad Safaee

Akhwas explained about the role of the narrator and the reader and their coordination in this work:

There is a thematic unity in the whole story, whose name is Alamdar. The narrator acted like a screen reader in such a way that the listener could imagine the story in front of him.

Professor Prastowii was unique in his reading and I am happy to be with him. The life of words and music was in the hands of the singer and he could perform ups and downs with words.

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